El Hierro

The Smallest of the Canary Islands

El Hierro, the Canary Islands

Finding itself situated on the Southernmost and Easternmost part of Spain and only a 30 minute flight from Tenerife, El Hierro has to be one of the most dramatic islands of all the Canary Isles. Despite it’s ease of access (it’s also a 3 hour boat journey from Tenerife), there has been little sign of man’s impact when compared to the likes of Tenerife or Lanzarote.

El Hierro really is a hidden treasure of the Canary Isles, one which will await you with rugged landscapes and signs of adventure around every corner. It’s the perfect location for those more adventurous holiday-makers, a far cry from your typical all-inclusive Tenerife holiday package.
With a population of approximately 10,000 islanders, and being the smallest of all the Canary Isles at just 268km square, you can really appreciate the quiet but powerful charm of El Hierro.

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About El Hierro

The Landscape

You’ll be impressed by the sheer cliffs surrounding the island, with stunningly-located traditional cottages nestled beneath them. Natural pools are a plenty too, seemingly carved out of the sea rocks. For all of El Hierro’s wildness you will also find yourself amongst civillisation, with some amazing restaurants located around the island. As well as the stunning cliffs and beaches, there are some very wild woodlands awaiting your discovery if you choose to holiday here. Stunning rock formations complete the wild-appeal that El Hierro radiates to it’s select number of visitors each year.

Where is El Hierro?

El Hierro’s Climate

As with many of the islands of the Canaries, the climate really depends on the area of which you’re located. The ocean plays a big part in the regulating of the temperatures, and generally the island ranges are from humid subtropical in the centre of the island to hot and desert climate in coastal parts.

Temperature throughout the year doesn’t usually drop below 21 degrees (January) and the highest average recorded temperature is in September (26 degrees).

Where to Stay in El Hierro

Despite El Hierro’s wildness, it is still a very well managed tourist destination, served by it’s own airport at Valverde, as well as a ferry terminal. Hotel accommodation tends to be smaller, family-run businesses, which works well with the island’s quiet appeal.

The island itself is limited in terms of the amount of construction that is possible for hotels, with less than half its total surface and buildings limited to 2 floors – preventing high-rise, typical hotel appartments that are so commonplace in Tenerife and Lanzarote.

Hotel Puntagrande in El Hierro

Hotel Puntagrande

13th November 2015

Balneario Pozo hotel El Hierro

Balneario Pozo de la Salud

13th November 2015

Parador Hotel

Parador Hotel

13th November 2015

Ida Ines hotel in El Hierro

Hotel Ida Ines

13th November 2015

El Hierro Travel Information

Language: Spanish

Currency: Euro (€) Most establishments will accept debit and credit cards.

Flight /travel time:  From 4 hours from London, UK before a connecting flight lasting approximately 30 minutes.

Time Difference: Same time zone as Britain.

Official Website: http://elhierro.travel/

Emergency Contact: 112 is the number to call for any emergency, operators speak Spanish, English and German.

Further information: https://www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice/spain

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